• What’s the difference between a retreat, conference, and seminar?
    From Impact Prayer Ministry’s perspective, a retreat involves multi-day teaching held at a camp or location where lodging is provided for the duration of the event.  A conference will also cover multiple days, but no lodging is provided so participants stay at their homes or arrange their own lodging.  A seminar is usually an abbreviated version of the conference with one or more teaching sessions all on one day.


  • What’s included?
    Each Growing Strong event is custom tailored to include a variety of prayer-based teaching.  This teaching is led by Impact Prayer Ministry’s director, Tom Lemler, and is designed to help participants “grow strong in the Lord and in His mighty power.”  In addition to the teaching times, printed resources are included to help each person practice what they learn.


  • Where are these held?
    A Growing Strong event can be held just about anywhere you would like!  You decide the location based on what meets the needs of your group.


  • What should participants expect?
    Each participant should expect teaching and resources that will challenge them to grow spiritually as they pursue God with a whole heart.


  • What will it cost?
    There is not a set fee to have Impact Prayer Ministry’s director come and lead a Growing Strong event.  Your willingness to cover housing, meals, and travel are appreciated but IPM will work with you if these expenses are a problem.



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